Friday, May 29, 2009

Thursday Haul & More (Makeup, Jeans)

The Thursday Incident & a Haul
Featuring Leslie & myself

Our Thursday was divided into two parts: The Good & The Bad.

The Good
& I mean really good

I love shorts so I only have 2 pairs of jeans w/c I regularly wear: a dark one & a black one, both skinnies from Lee. As much as I'd like to buy The Shorts (ripped, bleached-white w/ tie-dye detailing & colorful plaid inside pockets) from Zara, I couldn't because I needed dress code clothes for school. Thus began my search for The Jeans.

I finally found it Thursday last week after realizing that I was sick of Lee & that Zara's jeans were way too long for me.

Enter CPS Chaps (Level 1, Trinoma), a hip & trendy boutique from Thailand. The second I stepped in, I felt that I have come face-to-face w/ The Jeans. I would have gotten it right there & then but it did have a hefty price tag. Good thing the SA told me they were having a sale on the 28th (yesterday).

After a week of waiting & wanting, I finally got my hands on it.

This gorgeously distressed pair originally costs P3195 ($64) but at 20% off, I got it for P2565 ($51). Not exactly a sale price. But for its kind, it's worth it. I love the worn-out look.

Check out the hot detailing! Totally to-die-for.

Makeup-related, I got the Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals Foundation (P599/$12) since I've been wanting to try it out.

Now a lot of Filipina beauty bloggers have been going to this store called USA 99 at Farmer's Plaza for makeup like LA Colors & Jordana. So after asking Chrissy where it is exactly, I decided to give it a shot.

I got this matte Jordana duo in Almond/Navy for only P99.99 or basically, P100 ($2).

The "Navy" is a pretty navy in the pan but when swatched, turns into a dull black.
The "Almond" is actually a nice all-over lid color.

The Bad
& I mean really bad

Really, really bad things about this USA 99 store. As in, really:

1. The SA was watching me from super, super close while I was looking at the makeup. Think Beauty Bar SAs, only closer. Probably a face-to-face distance of around 6-inches. Hello, personal space.

2. I crouched down to look at the nail polishes. The SA ALSO crouched down at the nail polishes. Fucking disturbing.

3. When you pay, they give you this receipt & another receipt w/c they slip into your plastic bag. Upon leaving, this lady guard shoves her wood-poker thing into it to get the "another receipt." WHY DIDN'T THE CASHIER JUST GIVE IT TO HER IN THE FIRST PLACE?

4. No testers.

Despite all these, Leslie & I came back since I swatched the first duo I bought & found it good enoug

Here comes the worst part of it all, in order of how it hap

1. We were told to leave our paper bags behind the counter for "their safety" but we thought about the crazy SAs who will probably poke through our stuff. So we didn't.

2. I was picking out Jordana shadows while holding my paperbag as far back as possible so they wouldn't suspect me of stealing. Ugh.

3. Because of this I dropped an e/s duo. & it clattered on the floor. & the stupid SAs who were chatting at the counter stopped chatting & were all like whoa omg she didn't.

4. Then this super ugly lesbo snatched from me the e/s I picked u
p on the floor & said in that lesbo voice of hers that it was already considered sold. Apparently, I broke the fucking thing.

5. So I stared at her & was like OK but then SHE CONTINUED STANDING THERE STARING STERNLY AT ME. Ok, so I broke it, I'll pay. BUT CAN'T I CONTINUE MY SHOPPING?

6. I decided it wasn't worth it & just paid the damned thing.

7. The cashier dude was amazed by the damned thing & shook it before punching it in. Wow, thanks.

8.. This time, the lady guard, apart from her usual wood-pokerthing-shoving-for-the-receipt act, also violently poked through our bags & paperbags. I cannot stress roughly & violently enough. WE FELT SO DAMNED HARASSED & VIOLATED. Breaking something does not make me a criminal because I didn't do it on purpose.

USA 99 in Farmer's Market = Bad Service = Fail
Totally not worth the harassment unless you're willing to go through it for the cheap makeup.

Such a painful sight. I just wanted to throw it out.

But that would be a waste so I decided to just clean it up.

There we go.

This duo is actually very pretty.

Too bad the service is very ugly :/


  1. i remember the dollar tree in malls used to have us place our bags in the front of the store and a few other stores just for their safety and they would give us number tags. but for your harassment that you felt,..its what i feel when i go into ulta. like damn leave me alone! they were prob. just jealous cause your cute. hahaha

  2. hey...
    I bought the revlon pressed powder at k-mart.

  3. awwww...
    i felt bad for you naman..

    i hate the feeling of SAs continuously following you as if you will steal something...

    im pretty sure i will not go there..

  4. i love your jeans they are to die for!!! i am sooo sorry for your experience... i hate that!! If there is one thing that gets on my nerves is, bad customer service. If i was there i would've told them off!!! I would've told them I make more money than their sorry pathetic wages and that they lost a valued customer. Those folks need some serious help... and thank you for the comment on my blog!!! The ice cream things are candles actually! Very cute huh?!

  5. your jeans are too cute. i can't find a good pair of jeans that'll fit my butt nicely. lol

    let me know how the Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals Foundation works for you. i was always in debate on trying it as well.

    sorry that thing happened to you... some stores... sheesh

  6. oh yeah that really sucks. i would say it in tagalog masama ako sa mga SA na ganyan lagi pag ganyan ang tingin sa akin madalas inaaway ko na. war freak ata ako pero kahit na karapatan ko mag karoon ng personal space pag namimili XD we should talk over ym about that :D lol and go to that store @ farmers together for revenge >D

    dang that pair of jeans are expensive! i couldn't bring myself to buy 2000+ pair of jeans. hehe. but it looks nice XD you have a small frame so it must look good on ye. i am fat on the other hand. lol

    hows the maybelline foundi? i didn't actually like it and the buki brush is a bummer i hope you have better experiences than moi.

    yay for being third year college XD i love the sound of it! it's like so near yet so far graduation wakekekeke i has part time job XD!!

  7. aww!! that jordana is really nice.. sayang.. the jeans is hot hot hot!!! damn! your hair is simply gorgeous on the picture.. :D

  8. i used to be a fan of those cheap make- ups. i used to buy those cheap make- ups in alabang town center's usa 99 store. i hauled a couple of jordana lipglosses just to find out that they all smelled so bad because they're like there for more than a year already. they didn't even considering changing their stocks. I just don't want to go through all of the hassle so i decided to throw all of them, though it breaks my heart because I wasted some precious moolah, not to mention, time as well.

    but btw, that's a very fab pair of jeans, though expensive. but still, it's the best part of your haul. :)

    you also got maybelline minerals. :) i've been wanting to try that. hope you could review it thanks! :)

  9. omg! thats horriblee. but your jeans r super cute :]

  10. the denim wash is to die for. i agree

  11. i prefer shorts over jeans too! hahaha i hardly wear jeans anymore, but yours look amazing indeed ^^

  12. Eckkk! That sounded like a BRUTALLL experience.. I feel for you.

  13. sorry to hear about the bad experience...I would be in a super bad mood if I had to go thru that.

  14. ooohhh...i hate it too when SAs are soooo bugging me when I'm trying to focus on what I'm buying. there should be a law in shopping. SAs should always practice good morals and proper conduct.

  15. Ang ganda nung jeans in fairness! But I prefer jeans over shorts. Hehe. I feel naked in shorts kasi...

    Mm, I hate those SAs at Usave@99. I try not to pay any attention to them na lang since I want to be saving money. But I think I'll go find some stuff from local brands if it's just lipstick and blush. Everything else...nawww.

  16. Ohhh that is terrible!!! You should ring up and make an official complaint, they have no right to treat you like that!!!!!! Atleast you found some hot jeans though right :)

  17. omg I haaaaaate SAs who stare at you wtf! it does not make my experience good or want me to continue shopping! At that point I would just leave cause I dont like being watched! Something like that happened to me at this one mac that had a security guard. Just cause the bf was looking for my cell phone so he can play games on it. I guess him digging into my pocket and bags = stealing ugh!!

  18. KAZ!!!!i hate SA's who act like i would steal at their store...yeah ditto on the personal shopping space.that is why i dont want to go to beauty bar when i still havent decided the item that i will buy,coz they will surely stalk you to death!theres this time that i got irritated by this SA,coz she keeps following me,touching everything i touch and looks at me like "are you going to buy or not look",i turn around and asked her like this "could you stop following me pls,its very annoying,i cant pick anything with you behind my back,dont worry i will buy something as long as you wont follow me" hehe..she backed off nicely naman.i mean does she have to crouched as well haha.i have never been to that place..maybe ill give that place a visit.

  19. ick. i hate it when SAs get uber-paranoid-close. it is so not polite ;-)

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