Friday, May 22, 2009

Caress: Diamond Gay

Caress Nail Polish
in Diamond Gay

I remember gray polish being huge on the runway last year but couldn't get my hands on any. So when I spotted this baby in Landmark yesterday I just had to have it! At only P22.75 / 10 ml, this thing is a steal.

I've never heard of this local brand before but it obviously goes alongside Caronia, Bobbie, & Chic. Having had bad experiences w/ Caronia, I was skeptical about this one. But w/ such a price, there's absolutely nothing to lose.

It's a creamy pale cement color w/ an average shiny finish. I topped it off w/ Bobbie 2-in-1 Quick Dry Nail Treatment for longevity & added shine.

The first coat was streaky, as w/ most polishes. But the second one finished it off beautifully.

I'm definitely buying more Caress!

***It just hit me but the name Diamond Gay might be a typo for Diamond Gray! HAHA.
What do you guys think?


  1. Yes it may very well be a typo. Haha. Nice gray polish, though you could have franken'd a gray by mixing a black and a white (or gray eyeshadow + clear nailpolish).

    Don't forget to find a good base coat, cause local brands of nail polish can seriously harm your nails (turn it yellow, make it brittle, etc)! I went to a parlor once and they did a demo--local vs imported polish applied on styrofoam. The local polish melted the that's gotta be bad, right?

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  3. o wow, i haven't thought of mixing black & white, ahaha!

    OMG REALLY? that's horrible! D: so i should really invest in some OPI/Orly bases, then. would you happen to know anything cheaper? :D

    does Face Shop have harmful polishes as well?

  4. hi, this gray nail polish looks really nice.

  5. Haha that is a good typo if that is the case!!! This polish looks gorgeous :)

  6. Oh wow! That's super cheap :) I miss the prices at the Philippines, loooove it!

    YES! Join my contest! It's super easy.