Saturday, May 23, 2009

Expired Makeup I Can't Seem to Throw Out

I love my MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner in Soothing Beige.
Even though it's just sitting unused on top of my dresser.
Even though it has already expired a year ago.

(Sorry for the writings in the pic all backwards -- I'm just using my webcam.)
Check out the old plastic tub packaging!

This was my first MAC product w/c I bought at Marionnaud late 2006. I was a junior in high school, I was in the mall, & I happened to have to some cash left. My friend & I were already on our way out but then the thought of actually owning a MAC product was so tempting, so alluring I just had to give in. I wanted something, anything from MAC. So I got the one thing w/c was suitable for a school run by nuns w/ a no-makeup policy -- a nude lip conditioner.

I've been applying this chocolate-smelling (& tasting!) lippie religiously. Even then, I've barely even made a dent on the product! Just halfway at most. Makes me wish I had.

See this temporary card? I never got to claim the real one because I never came back for it!
Which sucks, really, because it already had a free credit of P200 in it.


So, what expired makeup do you still keep (& love) that you can't seem to part with? :D


  1. Cool...
    umm what old makeup do i keep..
    paul & joe eye color.
    Its a sparkly black.
    I love it! and i even hardly touch it ever
    seen high school

  2. LOL sis I keep a LOT of expired makeup! I just can't get rid of a lot of fact I still use some of them as long as they are still okay looking/smelling...I just use the e/s though. Because the lipstick might make me sick and the face stuff might make me break out.

    It's hard to remember when the expiry dates are, too..especially when it isn't really said on the packaging.

  3. Pretty much the only thing that I've kept longer than I should would be like eyeshadow, I just can't throw them out.

    & I'm Following you now! :)

  4. well, i can't really throw out my dior addict lipstick. it was bought 4 years ago! it's so good and expensive, i had to use it sparingly. and I intended to keep it in my stash for a long time. what's funny is, it still smells and tastes the same way it did way back when i bought it. the scent fools me into thinking that it's not expired yet haha!

  5. ohhh!
    i have a couple of them!
    mascaras mostly...
    some are just sitting on my cabinet

    i put dates on them so i know when to stop using it & such.

    & the thing that i have with me that i haven't used at all is the Lancome Le Rouge Absolu...i just used it a couple of times (im not a red lippie person) just 2 i think...
    & now i can't use it anymore that i need it..

    but i can't part with it..
    that's my first lipstick...


  6. i don't think i have expired make up with me anymore.. ok i lied, i have blush ons that i couldn't throw out hehe. I am not a blush person. I am more of a mascara person and a lippie person. a normal lipstick that i like using + daily wear and hourly retouch only last me one semester! (3 months at least) XDD it's crazy!

  7. yeah hun, i've got a month left to go and i've been tryin to keep it together! some days i'm just like WHATEVER! then other days i'm like, i want to feel prettyyy! :P but thanks for dropping by. ill follow ur blog!

  8. You are just too cute! Hmmm, a product I can't seem to part with is my victoria secret lip gloss when they were packaged in little pots! HAHA!

  9. old makeup... mac fleur power blush.. waahh.. i know.. but like you my first love.. este mac.. hihihi.. :S i will not throw it still and will use it ( i will play deaf if someone tells me its expired!LOL)

  10. gosh i have so much old ass make-up! most of my mac lipglasses are pretty old. thats all i bought in high school! lol

    && thank you for the sweet comment :] your bblog name is so cute && original :]