Monday, June 1, 2009

2 Lipsticks & a Comb (Haul/Review)

Goody Ouchless Detangling Comb
the comb w/c made me buy the 2 lippies along w/ it

I've been using this comb ever since I had my hair permed last November. But recently, I found two of its teeth on both ends had come off, leaving me w/ an ugly comb thing. Is my hair that hard to actually be able to destroy plastic? HAHA! You should've seen how funny it looked. But I lost it anyway so I just bought a new one.

I love how this doesn't give me falling hair. A definite HG for me!
Costs P290 ($6) where Goody products are sold.

Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick
because I was too cheap to buy MAC Myth

In an effort to save up the remains of my summer money (it's back-to-school season in the Philippines), I bought 2 of Ever Bilena's Matte Lipstick in L: Mauvey & R: Skin instead of Myth. I read that Revlon's Nude Attitude was a great dupe but when I swatched it, I was like, "No way, this is nude?" It was way too peachy-beige for my pale lips.

What it reads on the box:

Pure impact. Pure luxury. Ultra Matte Finish! The only Matte lipstick that makes your lips stays supple and smooth. Delicately scented in al long-wearing formula that accentuates and pampers your lips. Incredibly luxurious, with Vitamin E that gives your lips the natural moisture.

I LOL'd at "that makes your lips stays" & "in al long-wearing." Bad grammar, but whatever.

I moisturized my lips w/ Lip Smacker prior to swiping on the lippie.
I was skeptical about "pampers your lips" & "natural moisture" -- a matte is still a matte.

This is what Mauvey looks on me.
Looks like my lips, only better & a tinge pinker from afar.

"Supple & smooth," huh? Check out those fine lines & chapped bits.
My lips were in good condition even before the Lip Smacker!

& then Skin.
Barely any noticeable difference, but this one's got a beige undertone.

My lips are in better condition here -- I swiped on the balm real thick.
Kinda defeats the purpose of a matte, doesn't it?

Comparing their texture alongside MAC Viva Glam III, also a matte.
As you can see, MAC is far richer & more pigmented.

As for longevity, my Ever Bilena swatches faded after a few minutes.
The MAC remained a deep berry stain even AFTER washing my arm w/ liquid soap.

Before I forget: check out that color cube ^^^

A FUCKING TESTER ON THE CAP OF THE LIPPIE! No kidding. The SA popped it right off of a fresh tube, saying that it's a tester. In short, these lipsticks I've bought might already have their "testers" dipped by nasty fingers. Gross, right? I would've tossed them out right away but the lipstick tubes look better w/ them on.

What do you girls think?

Overall, for P125 ($2) each, these lippies are good enough for everyday wear. Just pile on the balm & make sure to check your lips before leaving the house.


  1. ooohhh ayun mauvey hehe..punta din ako sm mamaya,ill look for that lippie.hehe.sis hirap ng malabo mata noh!!!

  2. oh that's crappy. imagine, people might have been doing a testing spree in that product!

    i have nothing against ever bilena, their eyeliner pencil is my HG for eyeliners but I don't like their lippies. I used it before and it made my lips dark on the outer part (aka blotchy lips). and the staying power is not impressive.

    And as you can see, Ever Bilena's imitating the packaging of mac and victoria's secret. and i find that funny and almost pathetic. lol! :)

  3. if you have extra cash. save up for mac lippies instead. they'll last you long. :)

    mac's freshbrew, peachstock, half 'n half, malt and spirit are great nude lippies. :)

  4. sistah! this is great! i'm planning on buying the revlon but thanks to you i found a much affordable dupe for MAC myth! thanks! :)

  5. oohh.. you bought them.. but i am not really fond of that two colors..mauvey looked weird on me!! duh!! parang hihimatayin.. i really love pink flame and off beat pink pero i really moisturize muna before using themm i use tbs lip butter.. and sa akin long lasting siya.. well.. as long na well moisturized,, LOL

  6. i don't think i'll ever buy lippies for a while but hey! i really like f21 lippies reminds me of was that bourjois glosses. (i have their 60php plumpers and I think it's already phase out sayang) haven't bought anything from ever bilena din. i like the colors btw. ^_^ buti ka pa you don't have very pigmented lips you can easily wear any color of lippie ^_^

    *huggles* thanks for the comment btw! lol hinde ako magjajapan or magkokorea XD

  7. Oh! I should invest in that comb too! I heard using a brush after a shower breaks the hair and such. Thanks for the review!

  8. Lolz ever since my hair was permed I rarely touch brush *pssstt dont tell anyone* is ever pilena Philippine's local brand??wow you guys got alot of good local products!

  9. Thanks for the comment love! the bilena lipsticks look pretty... but the swatches were not justifiable... i think you should stick to MAC honey or NYX....

  10. Gorgeous lip sticks! They really suit you :) x

  11. Great swatches! Nude colors are rockin right now1

  12. Lip Smackers, oh my... a blast from the past!

  13. i've been looking for nude lippies too. but i've avoided ever bilena because their testers just look so gross, lol.

    skin looks nice :D

  14. does this have like a number or a code?? coz i'm ordering from ever bilena..

  15. I just bought mine in skin and I'm satisfied with it, it didn't make my lips funny or anything.

  16. The 1st lipsticks I bought from Ever Bilena are Mauvey and Skin. They are my favorite lipsticks! ^^,

  17. i love the scarlet from matte lipstick!! :)

  18. tester? why? hindi b sya nkasealed like every newly lippy n kkabili lng??��